Set Your Classes’ reading goal here!

Read to Succeed is an easy-to-implement literacy initiative presented free of charge to help motivate students to read on a daily basis through incentives and rewards while reinforcing the importance of reading among elementary school students.

Through the program, each month educators can set a reading goal for their class that is challenging, yet achievable.  Goals may be the number of books, the number of pages read or the number of minutes depending on the classroom and educator. Once the reading goal is achieved during the month, educators may report on the classroom’s success by indicating the goal was reached through the Sens In School classroom homepage, automatically entering the class to win one of the program’s monthly prizes including class visits by Senators mascot Spartacat, for his fun and infamous “Sparty Parties.”

How does Read to Succeed work?

  • Set a class reading goal each month to align with your classes reading objectives
    • At the start of each month, teachers will receive an email requesting the classes’ reading goal for that month.
  • Report on your classes’ successes each month to be entered into our monthly draw
    • At the end of each month, a second email will be sent to confirm that the reading goal was achieved.

What can your class win?

  • A Sparty party featuring a pizza lunch, games, and prizes courtesy of Pizza Pizza, and Ottawa Senators.
  • The possibility to have a visit from a member of the Ottawa Senators or Ottawa Senators Alumni.
  • … and much more!